Rose Weasley


c. 2006

Blood status


Physical information

Hair: Red

Eyes: Dark blue

Skin: Light





Family information

Ronald Weasley (father)

Hermione Weasley (née Granger) (mother)

Hugo Weasley (brother)


Weasley Family

Granger Family

Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry



Rose Weasley (b. c. 2006) is the half-blood daughter of Ronald and Hermione Weasley (née Granger).


Rose sees that her mother had smarts and good looks just like she does, but she does not believe her mother never knew how to "use" those good looks. She maintains her reputation as an "empowered woman." 

Rose does, however, has a deep respect for her professors - especially strong female professors. She greatly admires Ex-Professor/Headmistress McGonagall, and she dreams of being able to get away with mischief under the nose of someone so strict. She doesn't think Headmaster Flitwick is enough of a challenge.

Rose excels at every subject. Like her mother, she dislikes Divination, but she takes it because she wants to take every class, and she enjoys proving facts and ultimately getting excellent scores despite not believing in Divination.

Physical AppearanceEdit

Rose inherited her mother's bushy hair but she is also a redhead like the majority of her family. She has her father's dark blue eyes, freckles, and light skin.

Personality and TraitsEdit

Rose starts out seeming like an innocent, studious girl. She is shy at first but opens up easily, excited to make friends. During her childhood, she participated on the edge of her cousins' pranks, making suggestions but keeping out of trouble. Her involvement in the prank wars continues during her Hogwarts years, she develops her own obsession with mischief. However, Rose is obsessed with maintaining her reputation as a good student while simultaneously breaking all kinds of rules. Her goal is to get away with as much as possible, and she is very successful.


Hermione Weasley (née Granger): Rose values what her mother thinks of her loves her very much.

Ronald Weasley: Ron adores his daughter as she is smart like her mother. He also doesn't mind her mischievous side, which she occasionally reveals to him. In fact, he is proud of her for what she gets away with.

Hugo Weasley: They love each other, but the siblings are not too close due to the fact he's nosy like Ron.

Albus Severus Potter: Rose is initially good friends with Albus. He is nicer to her than James is, so she takes his side in pranking. They like to talk about school, and they continue this even after they've grown apart.

James Sirius Potter: James starts out being rude to Rose because she's a first year and he's too "cool" to converse with her, but he ends so he treats her with respect to get her on his side. Rose thinks he's annoying, but she also isn't impressed with Albus' interest in the Dark Arts, so she does side with Albus.

Scorpius Malfoy: He is handsome, smart and sneaky. They don't get along at first, but Rose fell head over heels for him in her Fifth year. They later marry after they graduate from Hogwarts.

Ashby Zabini: Rose starts dating Ashby in her fourth year, but realizes she needed to be with Scorpius. Then they break up and he moves on with Natalia Nott.

Education at HogwartsEdit

First YearEdit

Rose impressed many people in her first year by earning top grades at all classes.

Rose in her First Year

Second YearEdit

Rose is a Quidditch Star on her Gryffindor team.

Third YearEdit

Rose was only mentioned a small amount. She ate the toffees that were filled with the Draught of the Living Dead. She did not help greatly with Albus's quest in finding The River of Resurection. The only thing she helped with was by telling the others of the legend a day earlier.

Fourth YearEdit

Rose started dating Ashby Zabini, her crush which lead Scorpius being heartbroken. She too was dreadfully upset when her brother Hugo was sick and needed to go back home because he was too ill to study.

Fifth YearEdit

Rose studies hard to ace her exams. She also shushes at everyone if they interrupted her studying and gave people severe glares at them if they were talking too loud. After the OWLs she met up with Ashby and went to the Addester Ball with him. As she saw Scorpius sitting alone and Ashby talking with friends the whole time at the ball, she secretly asks Scorpius to dance with her and apologizes for making him feel sad since he thought she didn't love him. Ashby catches them together and starts arguing with Rose. She breaks up with him at that very moment and walks out with Scorpius.

Sixth YearEdit

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Rose portrayed Helena Barlow

Rose decided to take a break and enjoy the holidays and her final non-exam year. She minorly slacked, but still recieved marvelous results. She still played Quidditch but was embarassed that Hugo could fly a broomstick better than she could.

Seventh YearEdit

Rose has reached her last year at Hogwarts and studies hard to get amazing results in NEWTs exam. She works hard but is preoccupied with the final mystery causing her to lose precious study time. However, she still managed to get 10 'Outstandings' and 2 'Exceed Expectations'.

Later LifeEdit

Rose then marries Scorpius and changes her name to Rose Malfoy (née Weasley).

Etymology Edit

Rose is probably named after the flower, which is widely prized for its beauty and fragrance. Roses are often considered symbols of love and have historically been associated with goddesses, such as Isis and Aphrodite, perhaps symbolising her parents' relationship with each other. The rose is also the national flower of England. Red roses are particularly associated with romance, and could allude to the trademark Weasley red hair.

It is also possible that Ron and Hermione wanted their children to have the same initials as their parents, R and H. Interestingly, both children also have names consisting of four letters.

Portrayal Edit

Rose is portrayed by Helena Barlow in the film adaptation of Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows Part 2.