Caitlin Narcissa Malfoy
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22 September 2007

Blood status


Physical appearance

Hair: Dirty Blonde

Eyes: Silvery Grey

Skin: Pale





Family information

Draco Malfoy (father)

Astoria Malfoy (née Greengrass) (mother)

Scorpius Malfoy (brother)

Daphne Greengrass (aunt)


Malfoy Family

Greengrass Family

Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry



Capricia malfoy

Young Caitlin




The two "friends" Rose and Caitlin

Caitlin Narcissa Malfoy (b. 22 September 2007) is the fanmade daughter of Draco Malfoy and Astoria Greengrass. She has an older brother named Scorpius Malfoy and one aunt from her mother's side named Daphne Greengrass She went to Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry from the year 2018 onwards and was sorted into the house of Slytherin.

Biography Edit

Early Life (2007-2018)Edit

Caitlin Narcissa Malfoy was born unto Draco Malfoy and Astoria Greengrass in the Malfoy Manor on the date September 22, 2007. When Astoria was pregnant with her, she knew something went wrong. Her baby, like her mother's family, was cursed by Lord Voldemort. This caused the baby to have an evil spirit inside of her. When she was finally born, Astoria chose the name Caitlin because it meant "pure". Astoria wanted this name to show that the Malfoy-Greengrass family were proud pure-bloods.

Caitlin had the opposite personality of her brother Scorpius meaning she was vile and cruel. Even though Caitlin was vain, she would act nice and innocent around her parents and the Hogwarts faculty. She was more like her father than her mother hence being the school "bully." When her Hogwarts letter arrived she was very nervous. Scorpius said it was exciting, but she felt anxious and even scared to go.

Hogwarts Years Edit

First Year (2018-2019)Edit

Caitlin was sorted into Slytherin at the age of eleven. Everyone but Albus Severus Potter and Rose Weasley, who were leaning against the doorway, applauded for her. The cousins both knew that there was something suspicious about Caitlin. Soon she was pretending to be kind to Rose and befriends her. The Malfoy spawn was secretly making a plan to destroy Rose's reputation. She also despised her older brother being with Rose and Albus which was getting in the way of her plan. In addition, she noticed a love connection between Scorpius and Rose. She knew the Malfoy and Weasley clans were never supposed to stay together. This made her furious. She argued with Scorpius about his relationship with Rose and ended it by threatening to "finish" her, When she found Rose reading in the Astrology Tower, Caitlin asked her what it was like with her older brother. Rose explained that it was beautiful and he made her life complete. The sneaky blonde then asked her about the downsides of it. Rose was upset when she was questioned this. She started to tear up when she told her so-called friend that she and Scorpius weren't supposed to be in love with each other since their families were enemies.

Hermione's Death Edit

Rose started to get angry at her family wondering why Scorpius was so bad in their eyes. Her parents, Hermione Weasley and Ronald Weasley, told her their childhood story about them and Draco. Rose started to quarrel with the two saying that she loves Scorpius and that was all that mattered. She and Hermione began to fight majorly. It was so severe that they had a duel with their wands. Ron and Rose's younger brother, Hugo Weasley, tried to stop them, fearing they could get injured or killed. Rose then could not take it anymore. All her rage came out of her and used the Avada Kedvra curse on Hermione. Ron and Hugo tried to come to her rescue, but it was too late. She had died. Rose couldn't believe what she had done. Her father and brother were crying next to her mother's corpse. Her oldest child came running over until Ron stopped her. He asked his daughter what she had done. Rose apologized through her tears, but he had not accepted it. Hugo said he would get help from Azkaban. Ron agreed.

Caitlin And Rose's Meeting In The Woods Edit

Caitlin: "I know, Rosie. It's all so confusing, especially for a ditsy girl like you! I suppose it's like they always say. Every rose has its thorn."
Rose: " actually...wanted me to kill my mum! B-but I thought we were f-friends...right?"
Caitlin: "Friends? Ha! Now I can see why you weren't a Ravenclaw!"
— Caitlin making fun of Rose in the woods

Rose ran through the sad crowd of wizards and witches into a nearby forest to hide. Soon, a hiss of a snake was heard. She turned around to see a viper behind her. It seemed to be chuckling. Then, it formed into a young girl. It was Caitlin. Rose told her that she was puzzled, then stumbled over her words. Caitlin began to sneer and tease her. Rose then realized that her "friend" wanted her to kill Hermione, but she asked aloud that she thought they were friends. The girl mocked her by giving notice that she wasn't in Ravenclaw. Then Rose took out her wand and warned her to be careful of what she says. The trickster quickly thought of her plan, used her own wand to use an unnamed spell on her, which was just a small blast from it, and Rose was suddenly knocked unconscious.

Rose in AzkabanEdit

Rose woke up in a cell. Caitlin had sent her to Azkaban.


Second Year (2019-2020)Edit

At Hogwarts, everyone was quiet. The Weasleys and the Potters were scared, sad, and worried. Many students asked Caitlin if she knew anything about this, but she lied and said no. Hugo, Scorpius, Albus, and Lily were all sobbing. She told them she was "sorry" for what happened. Scorpius was tempestuous at his younger sister for doing such a terrible thing.

Roxanne Weasley And Caitlin Fight Edit

In her Charms class, Caitlin was looking from left to right, making sure nobody would look at her. Then she heard a whisper from Roxanne Weasley, a fellow Slytherin. Roxanne angrily told her that she knew what she had done. Caitlin darted her head to the biracial witch. Roxanne was silent for a moment. She gave Caitlin a piece of paper. It read, "Meet me in the Quidditch field after class. I know what you're up to." Soon enough, she made her way to the field. She saw Roxanne there with a fierce glare. She snatched out her wand and pointed it directly at her. "SECTUMSEM-" She stopped in the middle of her spell because Caitlin was running towards her. They both started to punch and kick. Just then, Caitlin saw Roxanne's wand on the ground. She stealthily grabbed it, shoved her, and yelled, "SECTUMSEMPRA!" The Weasley tumbled. Caitlin smugly came upon her. She asked if she learned her lesson. Roxanne stammered, but no words came out. She threw the wand in the patch of grass near her victim and happily skipped away.
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Lily Luna Potter Knows Edit

As Caitlin was in the halls, she saw nurses carrying the wounded Roxanne. She was about to go about her business until Professor McGonagall was in her way. "Miss Malfoy," She said with her teeth clenched. "Come with me." She led her outside the school. "So, Miss Malfoy, I have received horrifying news." The troublemaker acted nonchalant. "Y-yes?" "Lily Potter told me she saw you fighting with her cousin, Roxanne Weasley. Is this true?" Caitlin's heart stopped. "Um...well, you see-" The Hogwarts Headmistress cut her off. "It's a yes, then. You would have answered no right away if it wasn't you." "That's true, but she started it!" Then Caitlin let out a big sigh. McGonagall's jaw hung. "I could care less about who started it! All I am worried about is that you nearly killed one of your fellow Slytherins, Miss Malfoy! This isn't like you! The consequence for this is one hundred points from Slytherin and a 10 hour detention for you after school. You may resume going to your class." She morphed into a cat and scurried away. Caitlin couldn't believe it. That Potter Priss got her into trouble. "She's going to be in for a surprise," she muttered to herself. "See you next time, silly little Lily."
Lilly luna


Third Year (2020-2021) Edit

In The Library Edit

The next day arrived, and Caitlin was in the library shelving books. Some Slytherins were unhappy with her since she was the loss of one hundred house points. She pretended to be natural, but that made them suspicious. It was fine for them to be suspicious because when nobody was looking, she was plotting her revenge for Lily. She was testing out hexes and jinxes from a spellbook to destroy Lily behind bookshelves. When someone needed her, she hid the book under another book and once more pretended to be normal.

The Mudfight Edit

In the middle of the night, Caitlin got out of her dorm and saw Lily, her current prey, in the lavatory washing her hands. With her wand, Caitlin used the Biwitched Sleeping Spell on Lily and carried her behind Hogwarts. She was easy to carry since she was a year below her. Caitlin saw a giant mud puddle, broke the spell, and dropped Lily in it. She awoke with a splash and noticed Caitlin towering her. She jumped into the mud and rolled Lily around in it. She struggled to get out, but Caitlin kept on pushing her in the murky, wet soil. Just then, Caitlin heard footsteps and a voice. The voice belonged to one person and one person only-Scorpius. Lily screamed for help. He saw the two enemies and helped Lily get out. "Who's that girl over there? Was SHE the one who did this," he asked. She answered back that it was Caitlin. Scorpius gasped. "CAITLIN! Have you gone mad?" He lowered his voice so Lily couldn't hear. "First, you have Rose kill her mother and put her in Azkaban. Second, you beat up Roxanne while she was just trying to protect her family. Third, you drench Lily in mud just because she told Professor McGonagall what you did to Roxanne? She was doing a good deed, Caity! You needed to lose house points and have 10 hours detention." Caitlin was speechless. Her brother resumed, "I'm going to tell everyone about this terrible fight." Scorpius walked with Lily inside the school leaving his sister alone in the dark. She later had a year-long punishment which was cleaning all the house common rooms daily.

Fourth Year (2021-2022)Edit

The Slug Club Christmas Party Edit

It was now 2021, and everybody was excited for the Slug Club Christmas Party. Caitlin was ecstatic too. She couldn't wait to show off her beautiful gown to all those doubters. On the night of the party, Caitlin looked at herself in her mirror one last time before she made her grand entrance. Suddenly, she forgot that she didn't have a date. She ended the problem by thinking, "I'll just see if anyone wants to dance with me." As everyone was talking with each other, their heads suddenly turned towards the blonde haired figure in a diamond-sprinkled gown walking slowly down the stairs. "She is gorgeous, isn't she," a wizard whispered to his friend. "No," he said back. "Caitlin Malfoy is a unforgivable sinner. Remember what she did to Lily Potter?" Caitlin ignored them. She almost had the urge to demand a dance from someone, male or not. Then, she grabbed the hand of the boy who said that she was gorgeous and began to waltz in the middle of the room The young wizard, obvious enough, was lovestruck.
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Caitlin in her Christmas gown

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